Corporate Jungle Exodus

This… for all of my poetic, empathic, sensitive and dynamic soul connections, aching and breaking open as we collectively steer our magnificence out of the corporate jungle.

You….. who so lavishly pours your wide open heart on the wounds of the world and it sufferings. Hold your Holy Nectar over your own Divine Magnificence… and let it drip its Pure Gold onto your weary Spirit and your ravishing Soul. Your Sovereignty is close at hand.

You…. who have spinned and toiled…. and felt excruciating suffering. You, who have paved the Path for millions…. as you stretch out your hands, your arms, your heart… in service to a Holy Grail whose face remains nameless. Your prayers are heard, and felt, by the Ancients. By your Ancestors. By DIvinity Herself. Your Glory lies in the timeless curiosity you embody with full wonderment as you move mountains. Your victory lies in the grace of the ever-giving expansion of your heart to all who walk with you; bordering on bitter as you bleed for your Innocence and Truth. Surrender. Deeper. Be still. And know.

The firestorm brewing within you is your Blazing Truth carving the very Path Itself. The burning flame in your gut is the Sacred fuel required for the massive undertaking of your Soul landing in its own feet. You say you’ve lost your vision. Your dreams. Your hopes. Your faith. Perhaps, sweet, sentient Being, the Vision that is unfolding immediately underfoot requires your blood, your sweat and the incredulously hard work of birthing your Holy Homecoming. The grist of your labor is the Path of your Rising, Beloved.

Do you not know… do you not see…. that for one moment, I would never relieve you of this…. your evolution and the struggle, labor pangs, defeat, madness, oppression, rage, the dissent…for to do so would rob you of your own Baptism. You were created to soar! No longer is it necessary for you to hide. No more playing such a limited part in who you thought you needed to be. You are Vast. Pure Essence Expressing. Open your dusty wings…. embody fully the Phoenix of your own Being…. and all your human messiness. Drink the Nectar of the Gods. Liberate your Soul. Dance with your Fire. Tend Her. Honor and feed Her. And surrender every single misgiving you hold about Her. Allow HER to scorch and singe away your falsity. She has 1,000 arms…. and 1,000 legs. She is pulsating at the ready for your Yes. Will you submit? Holy Mother, Father God…. submit. You have never been lost. The Wilderness itself is the Wonder. The world is starving for your Wisdom.

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