August 22, 2015

From my muse ~

Holy, Sacred Self… speak to me… I long for your words.

Tongue of Fire ~
Arms of Torches ~
Gateway to Eden ~
Treasures Hidden Below Sea Level ~
Only THERE you will find me. Seeking you.
Will you come? Will you dance the Divine Blueprint of Old Bones and Deep, Dark Wisdom held in your Womb? Will you let it out? Will you express your Truest Nature? From the floor of your Sacred Bowl?

The Call. The Fire. It’s All in you. Go Deeper. Deeper. Be Still. And Know. The same BLAZE that shattered your Spirit and blew you apart – into a million pieces – hurling shards of you across the room with fury. That FORCE that threw you to the floor, flailing back and forth… pounding on the door of your Soul… unpeeling the layers of insanity you pasted all over yourself to appear “together.” The Lightning that struck your very core came to ignite your Brilliance. Not your annihilation. Yes, Love…. You Are It. All of it. You came. You danced with me.

You… my intimate, dark Stranger of Steel. My beloved Warrior, Protector, Guardian of Wrath… who loves me so much… your only aim was to keep me safe. Never to be shredded to pieces again. Your ferocity terrified me. Sometimes, You still do. Only now I know that you love me GREATER than the Love that creates worlds.

Created from clay. Salt and grit of the Earth. Vulnerable, scared, shattered, pure, fragmented, disempowered, trembling, wonderous, complex me. Stuck. Frozen. Paralyzed. Until You came to transform me. Fury. Rage. Chaos. Lightning. Storms of Fire. Internalized. Victorious as You guide my Life of Miraculous Resurrection.

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