Working as an Employee

If I hear one more coachey-coach talk about “simply stepping into who you want to be,” I think I’ll throw up.  All over them.  Moving your mindset from being an employee over a period of many years, to becoming an “overnight entrepreneur” out there “stepping into who you wish to become” is not only highly irresponsible, it’s also impractical, ignorant, and, well…. extremely risky.  I’ve done it.  I read all the books written by the famous gurus on creating your own reality, and then owning it as your very own.  Not so fast….. creating a sustainable income with your very own signature lifestyle is NOT a straightforward or linear process, nor is it as easy as “stepping into it.”  Not by any stretch.

And, just for the record, let’s get another thing straight.  Just because we haven’t all “done it” (YET), don’t assume it’s not because we don’t know our own worth.  I don’t care WHO your visionary is, what you’ve paid them, or who your latest, greatest, best, bad-ass, wealth-creating talking head happens to be in the moment.  Unless, of course, you are being personally, carefully. mindfully, and responsibly guided into slowly building your brand, and paying the well-invested fees to do so.

There are sequences of MANY, MANY steps to creating the life of your dreams, not the least of which must begin in your own consciousness; your own way of designing how you gear, direct, and choose your thoughts.  And then there’s the spiritual aspects of who you are.  These issues merit some deep percolating, and transforming, in order to achieve authentic and lasting change.  And the path is choc’ full of multitudes of strategies and steps.  That’s not to say it’s a linear process, ‘cuz it’s anything but.  But it IS a process…. and a long one.  When you have been working for others for most of your working life, and you haven’t been in a position of creative control or authority, stepping into your power is anything but easy.  They don’t teach a lot of classes on this paradigm shift.  And it’s a big one.

I’m all used up at the end of the day in my own life with a full-time day job, being a single parent with a significant night job as a mother with homework to do, meals to cook, stories to read, pets to feed, nurture and care for, and the much-needed down time when they are all in bed.  And, of course, there’s the coaching classes online working toward my Life Coach Certification.  I have many days full of gratitude for my day-job; for being an employee on auto-pilot where I don’t have to work quite as hard as I do in my night job.  The role I have here is so worn; so out-dated; so not who I am, I barely identify with any of this.  Yet, it still puts bread on the table.  There are also many days filled with bemoaning my fate…. with an aggressive, pushy, abusive boss dictating my time.  When I get to do the REAL internal work. From time to time, seeking inspiration, I check Facebook throughout the day, and I feel like I am consistently reading posts from coaches who love to talk about their lives, THEIR way, and the sky is the limit philosophy that’s so readily touted there.  That’s not to say that none of that isn’t real, or appreciated, but I feel strongly that it’s careless to guide anyone out of their own inertia without a firm plan and a solid exit strategy in place.  Figuring all of that out, after being a paid employee within the corporate matrix, after all, is a significant learning curve all its own.  Jus’ sayin.

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