My unique Self!


Somewhere, deep down beneath the suffering and the pain, in the secret place that you hide that piece of you away, is the potential of your Genius.  There it lies, silent… your heart-song that could change the world… if you would stop hiding that piece of yourself away.  Never let anyone rob the world of the pure essence of you!  There is no premium worthy of your essential self.

So much of my life has been spent working tirelessly to figure out who I am.  I mean, who I REALLY am.  Not the myriad layers and versions of myself that were created out of the sheer terror of being different or standing out, or the selves that were molded out of my own mandatory self oppression, or the many compromised selves that others needed me to be so that they could claim and express their own power.  Not them.  I’m talking about the search for My Divine Self… at the core… at the center of the universe.  The Self fully equipped with her own inherent GPS system directly linked to the matrix beneath the oceans, reaching out to the cosmos and holding the stars in her hands with her pure awareness and desire.  This Self.  This precious, divine, authentic Self who breathes only Truth, drinks and dances in pure Divinity, and plays with legions of angels and souls who exist in other realms far more real than this one.

Coming out has been extremely scary for me as an introvert and a Highly Sensitive Empath.  I love my internal world in all of it’s colorful, vast and vivid imagination, and the intensity of how profoundly and deeply I feel and process Life.  I hold it, and cherish it, in a place so privately held only for me…. so much so, that I nearly let my life grow cold.  I malnourished my greatness, telling myself that “one day” i would feel safe enough to follow my own North Star.  I didn’t consciously deprive myself, or starve myself from this inner pure potential; I honestly didn’t feel like I knew how to express it.  My self-esteem was so battered, so low, that I filled myself with false notions of who I was, as I didn’t dare tell myself the truth.  The truth, after all, takes tremendous responsibility.  It wasn’t until I decided to speak the truth to myself, change my stories, and my unconscious barometer to catastrophe and misery, that I became empowered.  After all, remaining powerless, to me, also allowed me to remain blameless, thereby not responsible for my own outcomes.

I’ve learned that it matters not when or how I internalized so many false beliefs.  The only thing that matters today is my own self-assessment and my truth.  Being responsible for the direction of my life is so liberating, and I can only follow my North Star by allowing my vulnerability a voice, a presence, which organically puts me in position to stand in my strength and my power.

How have you carved out your Unique Self on this sacred journey of Life?  I would love to hear your personal experiences as a wide open heart, dimensionally gifted with astute abilities unspoken.  No barriers.  No resistance.  Full access to the places inside of you that you are most afraid to show to the world.  I would love to hear from you about how you carve out, and create for yourself, your superpowers.  Who is your Genius?  Your Muse?  What is she begging for you to express?  Unabashed, raw, exposed, out-there, full of fear….. and even more courage.  I invite you here to share her with me.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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